Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Orthomolecular Holistic Nutritionist?
  • Orthomolecular Holistic Nutrition is an integrative, science-based nutrition and client centered approach that addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms

  • Orthomolecular Nutrition aims to heal through nutritional supplementation

  • It combines scientific research with traditional practices

  • It is a comprehensive understanding of human nutrition and it's role in health and disease

  • It applies scientific principles to practical nutritional advice

  • It is nutrition from a focus that recognizes the uniqueness of every individual

Why should I chose a Nutritionist to help me?

Although there are a multitude of options available for you to choose from including Dietitians, Life Coaches, books, the internet, and fad diets, they are unlikely to address your unique preferences and lifestyle.  With the help of a nutritionist who will take the time to learn about you, offer customized information, advice, and strategies, you will experience the best results. Many other options offer one type of advice (nutrition, lifestyle, or exercise), whereas with my services you will get it all in one including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, herbal and nutrient suggestions. I also have the ability to look into your medications, make sure there will not be any drug-herb interactions, and see if they are depleting you of any vital nutrients to help safely create your plan.

Are Registered Nutritionist and Life Coaches the same thing?

No. Life Coaches help you make healthier choices in all areas of life, similar to Registered Nutritionists, but they are not regulated. What that means is that anyone can get a Life Coach certificate. That does not mean that you should not trust a Life Coach, it just means you need to do more research on their credentials to make sure they are practicing safely.

Can you help me lose weight?

I can help you lose weight, although I never suggest weight loss unless it is recommended to help you balance life. I do not support fad diets or dieting for aesthetic reasons. I understand there are special occasions where you want to feel aesthetically thinner, but I am not that kind of Nutritionist. I can point you in the right direction if that is what you are interested in and give you resources. I am here to help you live a healthy and happy life.

Can you diagnose what is wrong with me?

No. I am not a Doctor or Naturopath. I do not and cannot diagnose disease. I can, however, let you know if your on the path to illness and help you maintain healthy habits to halt progression. Any questions or concerns outside my scope of practice will need to be answered by your Physician or Naturopath. 

For more information on my scope of practice, click here.

Can you write me prescriptions?

No. I am not a Doctor or Naturopath. Any recommendations offered by me are vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbal supplements, and dietary recommendations. I DO NOT have the ability to tell you to stop taking medications or suggest you start taking any medications. I will, however, suggest you talk to your Doctor or Naturopath whenever you have questions or concerns with anything outside my scope of practice.

For more information on my scope of practice, click here.

What would I expect during an initial consultation?

An initial nutrition consultation, focuses on your needs and goals. The most important thing to establish is what you hope to achieve.

You will fill out a list of health and lifestyle questions, including health history, weight history, lifestyle habits, typical eating pattern and food preferences. Once the consultation form is filled out, you will receive an emailed list of personalized nutrition recommendations and education to help you reach your goals, or we will make an appointment to video chat about personalized nutrition recommendations.  An initial consultation is the first step in creating healthy habits to achieve your goals.

A variety of tools may also be used and/or provided including:

  • Explanation of certain supplements suggested and how to use it

  • Food models

  • Meal planning and grocery list templates

  • Handouts or fact sheets

What would I expect on follow up sessions?

Follow-up sessions offer on-going support and education to help you overcome barriers along the way and sustain changes for long-term success.  Any questions or concerned will be addressed, and we will talk about how you have been feeling and what is or isn't working for you. Your plan may be tweaked according to your needs and further goals and new recommendations may be offered.  Follow-up is recommended until you feel your goals have been met, or you confident you can continue your progress alone.

How is payment collected?

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and Paypal are accepted.  Payment is required at time of service and a credit card is required to secure your appointment when booking online for the first time. We ask that package options be paid fully in advance.

Why do I have to pay for packages up front?

From the moment we get started with your consultation, I start working on your plan. Although your plan is tweaked throughout the sessions, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into your plan, including seeking out resources, recipes, handouts, grocery lists, meal plans, etc.  that will help you along the way. Due to the commitment this provides, we ask for payment upfront to ensure your program is completed in full.